Community Spotlight: In The Kitchen With Elizabeth Johnson

There’s a lot to love about the Brava community and today we’re excited to highlight another member who inspires us in the kitchen. We sat down with community member Elizabeth Johnson, who is a mother of 6, and an influencer who shares great food, gadgets, and lifestyle content. Elizabeth has been cooking with Brava for several years and she never fails to amaze us with her creativity in the kitchen.

Q:  Tell us about yourself! What’s your background with cooking?

A: I’m the second oldest of seven children and started cooking when I was 10 years old. I’ve always loved food and my mom is a great cook. I’ve worked in upscale restaurants and asked the chefs lots of questions and I really honed my love of cooking and entertaining and food presentation over the years.

Q: How would you describe your cooking philosophy?

A: If I can do it, anyone can! 

Q: Describe your first encounter with Brava — what was it like to use for the first time?

A: I was excited to see if it lived up to the hype – The first recipe I made was the breakfast sandwiches and used two trays to see if my toast would really “toast” while my eggs cooked. To be able to walk away and do other tasks while my kids breakfast was being made was amazing! Something out of the Jetsons! Lol! And it does live up to the hype! I love trying new things in it all the time! Such a time-saver, and it makes healthy eating so much easier!

Q: When was the moment you realized that Brava was actually working to solve a problem?

A: The first time I used it! I connected it to my phone and I could watch the cooking progress while I was getting ready for my day on the other side of the house!

Q: Tell us about the quality of food and flavors that come from meals you cook in the Brava.

A: I have done filet and scallops in the Brava and talk about a perfect crust! Restaurant quality results. It makes me look like a rockstar!

Q: What ingredients are always in your kitchen and how do you use Brava to cook with them?

A: We always have things for sandwiches and it’s just as easy to make a hot toasted sandwich in the Brava as it is for him to make a regular sandwich. So if I have a crowd of kids, I can make six grilled cheese sandwiches at one time! And the way the Brava toasts the sandwiches is next level! The perfect toasting every time! And no flipping! Such a timesaver. Everyone is happy!

Q: How do you think Brava can be used to get more people cooking at home?

A: One of the main reasons I bought the Brava was so I could cook healthy meals, easily and stop eating out so much. I think when people realize they can make better food at home and the quality is the same or better than at a restaurant, they want to stay home and cook with their family! As a busy mom, I can make a healthy meal without the mess and the time it would normally take if I was cooking everything separately. That was huge for me!

Q: Who inspires you in the kitchen?

A: We watch a lot of MasterChef! I’m always impressed with what the home cooks on the show come up with. I’m also inspired by other food bloggers that can create recipes that are Healthy and delicious!

Q: What are your favorite brava recipes or hacks?

A: My favorite recipes are the ones that are the most simple. Steak potatoes and asparagus, egg sandwiches in the morning, salmon filets that turn out perfectly! I don’t know if this is a hack, but when I don’t know what to make for dinner, I’ll look in my fridge and find whatever ingredients I have, and I can do a search on the Brava app for recipes that use what I already have in my fridge! It helps us avoid food waste! 

It’s also been fun when we traveled abroad to Peru, we were able to see, in real time, what our children were making while we were gone! Lol!

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