The Most Popular Brava Recipes by State in the US

Here is the breakdown of Brava’s most popular recipes by state. Not so surprisingly, breakfast foods like Fried Eggs and Bacon and comfort foods like Pizza appear in multiple places. Did you contribute to these cooks?

AK — Frozen Pizza

AL — Biscuits

AR — Quesadilla

AZ — Mini Pancake Muffins

CA — Fried Eggs

CO — Bacon

CT — Chicken Tenders

DC — Waffles

DE — Chicken Wings

FL — Fried Eggs

GA — Egg and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

HI — Tri Tip

IA — Omelette

ID — Sausages

IL — Fried Eggs

IN — Waffles

KS — Grilled PB&J

KY — Burrito

LA — Biscuits

MA — Eggs and Toast

MD — Scrambled Eggs

ME — French Fries

MI — Classic Breakfast Sandwich

MN — Ribeye Steak

MO — Scrambled Egg Bites

MS — Bacon

MT — Waffles

NC — Grilled Cheese

ND — Chili

NE — Fried Eggs

NH — Fried Eggs

NJ — Hash Browns

NM — Poached Eggs

NV — Eggs and Sausage

NY — Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

OH — Fried Eggs

OK — Denver Omelette

OR — Fried Eggs

PA — Hamburgers

RI — Chimichurri Nachos

SC — Chicken Parmesan

SD — Frozen Toaster Pastry

TN — Pizza

TX — Bacon

UT — Dutch Babies

VA — Fried Eggs

VT — Waffles

WA — Marinated Chicken

WI — Rice

WV — Waffles

WY — Crepes

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