Customer Spotlight: Armida

You may know her as @armidamix! This incredible recipe developer, Armida Finser, can be followed on Brava too. So far she has created 11 Custom Cooks! Here is a little more background on why she loves Brava and how she and her family use it to make meal prep easier and faster.

Favorite Thing to Cook in Brava: We have pizza night every Thursday at home, so making pizza in the Brava has to be one of our favorite things to cook. The pizza comes out perfectly and the fact that I don’t have to pre-heat the Brava and heat up my whole kitchen in the Southwest summers is a plus! But also the ability to make a quick (and complete) meal for my family with protein and veggies at the same time is a lifesaver. Chilaquiles with eggs is another recipe we love to make in the Brava … so quick and easy! 

Favorite Brava Hack: My husband is an early riser (meaning 4:30am) and needs to start his day with a full breakfast. Him being able to make his own breakfast with a touch of a button has been life altering in our household! I get a couple more hours of sleep and he gets to start his day with a full tummy. Brava is so easy to cook with that my husband can easily prepare a meal on his own!

Favorite Family Recipes: At home we have at least 2 sit down meals as a family, so it’s very important for me to be able to make something quick and delicious for them. I always have some type of protein on hand, veggies to go along and some healthier carb option. My son is gluten intolerant, so I bake a lot of paleo and gluten free breads and treats for him in my Brava. 

Why She Joined the Brava Referral Program: I share my passion for cooking and baking on my Instagram account and many of my followers have fallen in love with my Brava oven. I get asked constantly about it. They love to see how easy and fast it is to cook a full meal as well as how many recipes and functions it has! I love knowing that I am helping introduce this amazing kitchen appliance to more households! 

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