Top 10 New Recipes from 2022 (So Far)

Every week, Brava releases new recipes — but are you curious which ones this year have been the all-stars? Here’s a recap of the top 10 most popular new recipes from 2022 — and what real customers have to say about them.

  1. Dutch Babies in the Egg Tray (by Brava Chef Andrew)
    • “Dutch babies as soon as the update came through… love love love!!” — Shari
    • “First time making Dutch Babies. Served with Eggs and Spam. The spam was made using the Eggs and White Toast cook then turning spam after 4 minutes. The eggs are topped with Asian Okonomi sauce. Haven’t eaten it yet but sure looks great……;-)” — Richard
    • “More than ever [Dutch Babies cook] made me want 2 Bravas ;).” — Melissa
    • “Made this again. Dutch Baby Pancakes served with butter, powdered sugar, and a squeeze of lemon.” — Michael
  2. Tostadas in the Metal Tray (by Brava Chef Travis)
    • “If you haven’t made these yet, do so! Super easy and tasty.” — Tina
    • “Breakfast tostadas with refried beans, scrambled eggs, cheese, and olive garnish. Turned out great!” — Rob
    • “Tostadas anyone? Thanks Brava Chef Travis! They are delicious!” — Adriana
  3. Air-Fried Ravioli in the Metal Tray (by Brava Chef Annie)
    • “Ravioli came out perfectly crispy.” — Steph
  4. Spiced Potato Wedges in the Metal Tray (by Brava Chef Annie)
    • “Potato Wedges! Thank you Brava!” — Chuck
  5. Steak with Herby Garlic Butter in the Metal Tray (by Brava Chef Erin)
  6. Pita Chips in the Metal Tray (by Brava Chef Erin)
  7. 20 Clove Garlic Chicken in the Chef’s Pan (by Brava Chef Erin)
    • “It’s terrific. Recommend adding a little extra time (5%) if you like crispier skin. Also recommend removing the chicken and deglazing the pan with wine first, scraping up the tasty bits and then adding the stock and chicken back in.” — Eric
    • “I made it last week it was great. I love eating the garlic.” — Richard
    • “Chicken comes out really tender and juicy. I sprinkled [the chicken] on both sides with a little sazón Goya (you can use you favorite), and it turned out absolutely delicious.” — Heidi
  8. Fried Chicken in the Square Pan (by Brava Chef Andrew)
    • “Delicious!! The spices were on point! I used large, boneless-skinless thighs, (4 each, cooked in two batches). The second batch came out more crispy due to the oil already being hot.” — Viki
  9. BBQ Chicken Thighs in the Metal Tray (by Brava Chef Annie)
    • “Very delish as well as impressive! Between the marinade and the char effect it really does taste like this was made on a BBQ grill. Plus with all the great flavor it’s easy to forget these are skinless thighs.” — Brava Chef
    • “This recipe also works on bone in chicken as well. I tried it and they came out amazing.” — Eddie
    • “Ok made the marinade — great flavor! Used chicken breasts, so had to at 25 minutes pull them as I used temperature gauge! Again amazing restaurant quality meal. Way to go Brava!” — Brava Chef
  10. Stuffed Peppers in the Chef’s Pan (by Brava Chef Erin)
    • “The stuffed bell peppers were pretty good. Even better the next day.” — Brian
    • “Have never made stuffed peppers before in my life but these were pretty good. I think next time I’d add a bit of sauce and cook them slightly longer.” — Carol Ann

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