Community Spotlight: In The Kitchen With Elliot Bernstein

There’s a lot to love about the Brava community and today we’re excited to highlight another member who inspires us in the kitchen. We sat down with Elliot Bernstein, one of our very first Brava customers, to learn how he went from defeated to confident in the kitchen with Brava.

Q: How has your cooking and lifestyle changed with Brava?

A: I learned how to cook from my parents who learned how to cook from their parents.  In reality, they knew only basic cooking. Which is really only what people knew at that time.  Foods tasted OK but that was it.  I badly needed a better way to cook, And Brava was the answer!  I rely on the Brava for significantly better tasting and healthier meals.  And much faster cook times too.  Preparation is always fast and easy.  And the results are always exceptional I could never return to my old ways of cooking – NEVER.

Q: When did you realize that Brava was actually working to solve a problem?

A: I was not happy with the results of the meals I was preparing using traditional cooking methods and invested in the Brava with the hope home my meals would taste substantially better.  Brava impressed me from the very first cook I did.  And now 3 1/2 years later, I am still thrilled with the results of every meal I prepare.  I think my very first cook was baby carrots.   A simple side dish but the came out so delicious and was cooked so quickly, that I knew that the Brava was perfect for me.  And every meal since then, simple or ‘complex’, has been exceptional and tastes like they it was prepared by a professional chef!

Q: How do you approach creating your Brava custom cooks or hacks?

A: I regularly cook foods for which there are no Brava recipes for (I am on a strange diet).  I have a background in computer programming and was able to quickly and easily learn how to create my own custom cooks with the Brava, from simple and complex.  I rely on the custom cooks I have developed for the bulk of my cooking.  As many are aware, I also share them with the community on Facebook.  Brava inspired me to learn gourmet cooking.  I spent many, many months studying advanced cooking techniques and adapted what I learned to the Brava and now just about every meal I prepare with my Brava is a gourmet meal with fast and easy preparation and always exceptional results!

Q: What’s your favorite Brava feature, cooking mode, or accessory?

A: One of the most important features of the Brava I rely on the most is the custom cook mode.   Brava cooks are always excellent because they are prepared by professional cooks.  That is why the results are so good!  The custom cook mode allows anyone to design easy or complex cooks that can be used to prepare amazing meals at the push of a button any time you want one.  I know of no other appliance that has this exclusive feature.

I consider the temperature probe the most important accessory that comes with the Brava.  It is impossible to tell the internal temperature of a protein without it.  The probe ensures proper doneness of every meal, every time.  It is extra important when preparing combo meals that include a protein to insure all the ingredients are cooked properly and are all ready to enjoy at the same time.  This is obviously a big time saver!  You get an entire freshly prepared hot meal ready at the same time every time.  And of course, the results are always perfect.

What the Community is Saying

It’s safe to say that Elliot has become well known in the Brava community for his creative custom cooks and Brava hacks. Follow Elliot and try some of his creations for yourself! We’re sharing his top three custom cooks below, along with what our community is saying about them.

  1. Ghee – Elliot published a custom cook for ghee in 2019 and it was so popular that we turned it into an official Brava recipe.
    • “We love making ghee in our Bravas thanks to Elliot Bernstein.” — Mary
    • “I tried the custom Ghee recipe and I’m quite happy with it…this cannot be more easy!! Thanks for the recipe!” — Michael
    • “I am just so impressed with the Brava. I have made ghee for myself and for several of my friends. Thank you Elliot Bernstein!” — Kim
  2. The Splatter-Free Bacon Method
    • “…brilliant.” — Shonnie
    • “How do you come up with is stuff Elliot Bernstein🙌🏼? It works sooooo well with thick bacon… hubby and I agree it’s the best bacon we’ve had!” — Marsha
    • “Tried the water bacon Elliot Bernstein method. It came out fantastic!” — Ja-Key
  3. Cooking Fish from Frozen – Salmon, Halibut, and Cod
    • Brilliant, Elliot! What a perfect salmon cook!” — Twila
    • “Elliot Bernstein’s Custom Cook for Frozen Fish is amaaaazing. Crispy and caramelized on the outside and tender on the inside. I subbed out frozen tuna and stopped the cook a few minutes early so it would be medium rare inside.” — Anna
    • ” Iused this cook last night and it was fantastic. So glad i have a bag of frozen salmon steaks that i can cook whenever I want now.” — Alec

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