The Top Brava Salmon Recipes

Crispy skin? Check. Cooked to your desired temperature at the press of a button? Check. It’s no wonder that salmon is one of the most cooked ingredients in Brava. Add these recipes to your favorites and save our chef tips for perfect salmon every time.


Chef Tips for Perfectly Roasted Brava Salmon

Pat the salmon dry with paper towels. Water and moisture are enemies of a sear, so this simple step will go a long way. 

Cook salmon cold, straight from the refrigerator. In order to sear the exterior without overcooking the interior of the salmon, it’s important the protein is cold. 

Season the salmon just before cooking. Salt draws moisture from proteins, so you want to season with salt (liberally) just before cooking.

Measure the height. Brava sears proteins differently depending on the thickness. Thankfully, your TempSensor doubles as a ruler. Use it to measure the salmon, then input the height of the salmon on the Brava touch screen to result in a great cook. Not interested in using the TempSensor? No problem – we have recipe programs that will cook your salmon to perfection, no TempSensor needed.

Add butter. Everything is better with butter, including salmon. We recommend spreading butter on the tray before adding the salmon for ideal browning, crispiness, and flavor.

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