7 Brava Employees Share Their Favorite Brava Accessories

The Brava team shares some of their favorite Brava accessories and how they like to use them.

“The Loaf Pan is the sleeper hit of my kitchen! I use it all the time to reheat stews and frozen dinners, on top of baking all sorts of tasty treats.” — Meg, Creative

“The Egg Tray is used so much in my household that we need two in rotation at all times.” — Ernie, Customer Success

“What does everyone do since the pandemic? Bake Sourdough bread! The Chef’s Pan is the perfect accessory for that (when I’m not slow cooking brisket in it)” — Dave, Analytics

“The Brava Metal Tray is one of the most versatile cooking trays I’ve ever owned.I try to keep at least 4 trays, clean and ready to go my kitchen at all times. My go to’s are baked golden Chocolate Chip Cookies, Spatchcocked Chicken with Roasted Vegetables, and endless Pizzas- even for breakfast, just crack an egg and it makes for an excellent brunch staple.” — Kate, Operations

“Square Pan is one of my favorites. If you haven’t made Scrambled Eggs or Omelette, do so immediately! We also make a ton of brownies, cookie cake, and cornbread in my house.” — Anna, Marketing

“I love the trick of using the Muffin Tin for making six over easy eggs for a big family brunch with Huevos Rancheros, or for Eggs Benedict.” — Andrew, Business Intelligence

“You cannot beat making salmon on the Glass Tray. It cooks the salmon gently while beautifully crisping up the skin on the bottom.” — Annie, Culinary

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