Community Spotlight: In The Kitchen With Tamera Henderson

There’s a lot to love about the Brava community and today, we’re excited to highlight Tamera Henderson, who has been cooking with Brava for almost 4 years. Tamera is one of our most active members in our private community, sharing everything from enchiladas to zucchini bread, homemade dumplings, and stuffed bell peppers. Today Tamera shares a bit about her background with cooking, and her favorite things about life with Brava.

Q: What was your background with cooking before Brava?

A:  I started my family at a very young age, so to me it feels like I have been making food my whole life.  However, it wasn’t until my children got older that I actually began “cooking” and experimenting with food.  For me “cooking” has become a release. 

Q: How has your cooking and lifestyle changed with Brava?

A: I absolutely love my Brava. I have been on a journey with this oven for the past 3 1/2 years and wouldn’t change a second of it. The Brava technology is amazing and offers so many options for so many different lifestyles. I love the speed and ease of the pre-programmed cooks but also the ability to create your own custom cooks.

Q: What’s your favorite Brava feature, cooking mode, or accessory?

A: My favorite Brava feature would have to be its versatility.  There are so many great functions and features that you really can cook anything.  If I had to pick one, it would probably be the “reheat” function.  I have permanently said goodbye to soggy microwaved leftovers.  All being said, in my opinion, food just tastes better when cooked in the Brava.

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