Customer Question: “Over Time, How Has Your Brava Use Changed?”

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Cynthia recently asked a question, “Seasoned Brava users that have used your Brava for years, or at least over one year…. can you describe the evolution of your use? Over time, how has your use changed?” 9 seasoned customers responded back and shared their tips for success with Brava. See a few below, and follow the group to read them all!

Monitor Cooks With the Brava Mobile App

“Instead of putting up a mental block about the uncertainty that the end result could bring, because it is different technology, I think of using the Brava like a regular oven that cooks about 25% faster. I keep my attention on my app so always 5 Star results for me! I wouldn’t trade my Brava for any thing else.” — John

Brava Gets Better With Time

“When I bought mine, when [Brava] first hit the market, the oven couldn’t slow cook, air fry, dehydrate, air fry, or cook rice. Nor could it do two tray cooking. It also only had recipes in the 100’s instead of 1,000’s. I’m looking forward to seeing what the oven can do in the future. I wasn’t much of a vegetable eater before the Brava. I’ve learned that roasted veggies are pretty d*mn tasty. I love how fast everything cooks, and I don’t have to monitor everything.” — Theresa

Once You’re Familiar, Try Variations

“I bought mine in June of 2020. I started out with simple pre-programmed recipes, following the recipes and ingredients precisely. Now I experiment and try different variations… I use my Brava just about every day for either breakfast or dinner, and occasionally lunch. I’d be lost without it.” — Kathleen

Brava Can Feed a Family But It Can Also Feed a Few

“I bought mine in March of 2019 and have done almost 2000 cooks. I used to do more dinners, with bone-in skin-on chicken thighs and veggies as a favorite, but I find now that I do many more breakfast and lunches. I am a huge fan of toad in the hole and frittatas. I also bake exclusively in the Brava. As the kids moved out, hubby and I were not eating much at dinner time, and instead we do bigger breakfasts. As a light dinner, we still do chicken wings or bratwurst very often.” — Jeannette

Brava Lets You Cook What You Want — How You Want

“I was very frustrated at first. [It] came from the inability (now solved) to create combinations using what was in my refrigerator, that was a great update! I use my Brava every day for a variety of functions like bake, toast, and keep warm to name a few but am adding new adaptive skills (baking; specifically small batch and bread) more suited to my retiree lifestyle.” — Cynthia

Pre-Programmed Recipes Will Help You Gain Confidence as a Cook

“Love the additional functions added over time. As I learned how the Brava worked, I was able to adapt many recipes to cook my selections — not all of which were programmed. I gained confidence over time about using the oven in general. I became so confident with the oven that I cook for guests with assured success, even new things I never cooked before (which they say is a no no when cooking for guests ). If you have time, check out the over 600 cooks I have done since I purchased the oven.” — Michael

Experiment With Dishes You’re Afraid to Try

“I’m an OG, so I pre-ordered my Brava and received it Nov. 2018. I never would cook meat in it for the longest time because I didn’t want grease to splatter inside. Over the years I have let that go and am now way more adventurous because it does cook meats so perfectly. I use the recipes and all the features. I have all the accessories use them all. Also I use it to keep my husbands dinner warm if he works late. We remodeled our kitchen and I had a custom countertop cabinet built specifically to fit it with a designated outlet.” — Susan

Bake Faster With Brava

“For the first year I never used the bake feature. Idk why. Now it’s probably the feature I use the most. It’s just faster.” — Meredith

You’ll Love It the More You Use It

“Usage has not changed much other than cooking more and more and enjoying it more and more. and enjoying all the new features.” — Barbara

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