Community Spotlight: In The Kitchen with Cindy Pugh

There’s a lot to love about the Brava community and today we’re excited to highlight Cindy Pugh, a Brava customer, mom, and avid home cook. Keep reading to learn about Cindy’s favorite Brava recipes, hacks, and cooking style. Spoiler alert: she multitasks while Brava cooks dinner! Game changer.

Q: What was your background with cooking before Brava?

A: Main household cook for 30 years.  I also did a lot of meal prep in my home growing up.

Q: How has your cooking and lifestyle changed with Brava?

A: When my kids moved out, I had a heck of a time learning to cook for 2 again. I was constantly making meals that were providing leftovers for days that we wouldn’t eat due to getting bored of the same food over and over. Brava allows me to cook the perfect amount for two people. I LOVE that I can just type in the ingredients I have, drop the food on the tray, and press the button. Then I can tidy up my kitchen, shower, or whatever other chores need to happen while Brava cooks the food and my Apple watch lets me know when it’s done no matter where I am in the house.

Q: What’s your favorite Brava feature, cooking mode, or accessory?

A: I mentioned above the feature of just being able to plop in the foods I have in my fridge & dinner menu is created.  That has to be my absolute favorite feature.  I also love that i don’t have to go back and forth from computer or recipe book to oven or stove, the recipes are right there in front of me on the machine.  It’s just all so convenient.  

I also love that I can use my brava to cook a big batch of bacon when the kids come for sunday brunch, or heat up appies when I have big dinners that have the oven tied up with turkey, roast etc.  Or that I can cook my appies for bbq social events in it without heating up the house in the summer.  And that I can toss a pizza in there and it’s done with a perfectly crispy crust, before the oven even has time to preheat.  And that I can bake in it without heating up the whole house.

Q: Favorite Brava recipe?

A: Absolute favorite brava recipe so far has to be as basic as steak and potatoes and asparagus…. I have never been able to cook my steak so perfectly, pink on the inside and as if it came off the bbq on the outside & nugget potatoes so perfectly crisp on outside, tender on inside & all finished at the same time & the asparagus crisp but cooked & all ready at the same time without needing to tend to it.. (it’s 10am and my mouth is watering just talking about it)

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