Community Spotlight: In The Kitchen With Adam Levowitz

There’s a lot to love about the Brava community and today we’re excited to highlight Adam Levowitz, one of our first Brava customers, and now proud owner of not one but three Bravas, including a Brava Glass. Get the scoop on his favorite Brava recipes and hacks below.

Q: What was your background with cooking before Brava?

Before I got the Brava, I ate out a lot. Being single it’s hard to cook for one but once I got the Brava, I was able to cook amazing food at home. It got me beautifully through the pandemic with my adult daughter. We had a great time experimenting of all kinds of different from cooks.  Then I bought an RV and did a 13 month cross-country tour in The. Brava was the huge part of that.  I had a really nice kitchen in rv never used it once. Without the Brava, I probably would not have enjoyed that trip as much.

Having the Brava made me more interested in learning how to cook for real so there was about a six month period where I was cooking amazing food old school from YouTube videos but honestly I missed the Brava Metal Tray cooks so I caved and got new one.

Q: How has your cooking and lifestyle changed with Brava?

This is my 3rd Brava. I gave the other 2 to my kids and took a 6-month hiatus. I was cooking on the stove like a caveman. I did learn to make all kinds of fun things from YouTube videos—homemade pasta, Indian, Chinese, bagels, etc.—but I missed my Brava. I just received the Brava Glass and am thrilled.

Q: What’s your favorite Brava recipe, cooking mode, and/or accessory?

I LOVE the 3-zone metal tray cooks; that’s Brava at its best. I am especially partial to the chicken thighs and blistered tomatoes.

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