A Letter From Our Founder

Dear Brava family,

As we ring in 2020, the Brava team would like to thank the thousands of you who have welcomed Brava into your home over the last year.

When we started shipping Brava in November of 2018, we felt confident it would revolutionize home cooking. We continue to be amazed by your stories detailing how Brava has improved mealtime for you and your loved ones. 

To celebrate the year’s end, here are some of the incredible milestones we have achieved together in 2019.

545,942: The total number of cooks that have been completed by Brava owners this year. That’s roughly 90,990 hours saved in preheating alone. According to US EPA calculations, we estimate Brava owners have potentially offset 263,871 kilowatt-hours of electricity. That’s the equivalent of saving nearly 21,000 gallons of gasoline or the power required to charge almost 24 million smartphones.

26,440: The number of followers across our social channels. Our Brava Facebook Community now posts an average of 900 photos a month of their Brava creations to inspire each other in the kitchen. Beyond serving busy families, professionals and empty nesters, we are honored that Brava has become a safe and easy cooking solution for those with special needs. 

18,156: The number of calls and emails the small but mighty Customer Success team has answered to help you with any and all questions related to Brava.

481: The number of new recipes the chef team developed for the Brava. The engineering team also released 10 huge new cooking features including Multi-Step Recipes, Dehydrate, Bake, Air-Fry and Custom Cooks. 

In November 2019, Middleby, a leader in the premium cooking equipment industry, acquired Brava. Through this partnership, we will scale and expand, though Brava will remain operating independently. 

Moving into 2020, your most-requested recipes (e.g. probe-free, thin proteins like burgers) will be developed. Additionally, Community and Custom Cook capabilities will be built out further. 

To all the Brava customers and fans of the brand, thank you for your impact! We deeply appreciate your contribution to making Brava great. 

Happy New Year!

John Pleasants
Founder & CEO

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