How Brava’s Shelf Detection Prevents Food from Accidentally Burning

If you have ever burned your food because you accidentally placed the tray on the wrong shelf in your Brava, this will be avoided with Brava’s Shelf Detection technology. Customers have been asking to explain the Shelf Detection updates that have been going out for a number of weeks, so we wanted to break it down. 

For all of the single ingredient presets like bread (for toast), vegetables, and single proteins, Brava will automatically check for the correct “Shelf Placement” of the tray inside the chamber, whether that’s the top or bottom shelf. Brava’s internal camera measures the distance from the camera to the tray. If the tray not in the correct shelf, an orange banner will pop up on your Brava touchscreen giving you a Tray Placement Warning.

Simultaneously, a sound notification will play and your cook will be paused to prevent any of the food inside from burning or overcooking. You can then open the door, correct the positioning of the tray, and press the green button to start the cook again. This feature will be rolled out to Combos in the coming weeks. 

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