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🚨Free Brava giveaway alert!🚨 We are giving away a silver Brava Starter Set to one of our Facebook followers. Here is how to enter:

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  2. In the comments section of this post, submit a short blurb (at least 100 characters) or video (at least 30 seconds) explaining why you could benefit from receiving a free Brava during this time.
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You must be 18 years or older. Submit your entry between 04/24/20 at 12:00pm PT and 04/29/20 at 12:00pm PT. The Brava team will vote internally on the best answer. We will announce the winner of the contest on Facebook at 04/30/20 at 4pm PT.

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  1. My husband was recently diagnosed with diabetes and needs to lose 100+ lbs. I also need to lose about 80. It would really help with healthy cooking if I could get a Brava!

  2. Winning a Brava would be a game changer for me. Not only would it help me to cook a little healthier and it would also provide some much need motivation. I am cooking daily but at times I don’t feel it’s the healthiest of recipe choices – so learning how to cook with the Brava and using new recommended recipes would help me feel better about what I’m serving my family!

  3. I would love to own a Brava machine. I have watched dozens of videos saw how much it has changed peoples lives. I have a husband and three kids, ages 15, 4 and 10 months old. My teenager eats the equivalent of two people he’s in sports and has a high metabolisms. Making home cooked meals are essential to having everyone stay healthy. The Brava machine will allow me to cook meals quickly while still balancing a full time job, part time job and spending quality time with my family.

  4. I would love to own a Brava. I’m on quarantine due to underlying medical condition and currently only have a microwave. The oven is not working at this time. I’m getting tired of frozen dinners and sandwiches. I wish I was able to buy one, but living on a fixed income it’s not possible. Thank you for your consideration.

  5. If I won a brava it would help me in my fitness and healthy eating journey. I would love it!

  6. Well I guess it is more of a want than a need but it is such an awesome “oven” size is perfect no needing to heat up my large oven and waste energy cook meals all at once also in saving washing of several pans etc! Great for the environment!!!
    But I feel I shouldn’t win because I am sure there is someone that probably really needs it !!
    Anyways good luck to everyone!!!
    Thanks 😊

  7. The first time I saw the incredible cooking device and all the amazing things that I could do with it, such as cook more healthier meals for my other half and myself from perfectly cooked steaks to amazing chicken dishes and heart healthy delicious roasted vegetables because of are concern with our health, we both are prone to getting kidney stones and just recently found out that my other half was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, now it’s more Imperative that we eat healthier this is why I believe this amazing cooking device would be perfect for me and hopefully receive as a wonderful gift to both me and my other half.
    Thank You

    Andrew Levy.

  8. Eating healthy is always one of our most important goals. Saving time and doing it efficiently without sacrificing flavor and quality is very important. Looks like Brava checks all of those boxes.

  9. We , my wife and me could really use a brave. My wife had a stroke two years ago, although she is doing really good, mobile etc. , it would be so much easier for us both having a Brave. I work part time ( two days a week) and am always afraid she will forget the stove, top or bottom.We do not qualify for a home worker so at times she is home alone, I do keep in contact but it is hard on us.
    The Brava would make things so much more simpler , we could prepare meals and just pop in the brava and not have to worry that she would forget, life would be awesome using the Brava, I do like to cook but we did downsize our home after she had the stroke and now we live in a two bedroom mobile home , no stairs and we live in great location. Please consider us for this awesome cooking tool!

  10. I think having a Brava would be a blessing in my household. With a high school and two college kids running and out of the house, having a meal together these days are next to impossible. With a Brava they can prepare and have a healthy and terrific meal whenever with their busy schedules. Personally, I enjoy trying new dishes and I believe Brava could help me achieve new heights in culinary adventures.

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