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Brava has a 4 1/2 out of 5 star rating from its customers (click “Brava customer reviews” to read them), and sometimes, it helps to know what other vloggers and journalists think too. Here are some of the latest reviews of the Brava, so you can get an even closer look.

“The Brava is for serious home chefs. Using new technology and a simple app, this invaluable tool makes cooking feel like a new experience. It might even give your mom a push to experiment with some new recipes. For the $1,095 starting price she’s really getting a kitchen in a box. Yes, the oven and a few pans are included, but you also get access to the companion app where you can view a live feed of the oven, discover recipes and even get alerts about the meal as it’s cooking.” — CNN Underscored

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“Today I’m going to show you one of my most favorite pieces of tech I’ve been using over the past couple of months. And this thing has completely, honestly, actually changed my life.” — @ijustine reviewed the Brava in her latest YouTube video.

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“Whether you’re like me and want to improve your cooking skills without lessons or you’ve found yourself cooking at home more due to social distancing, the Brava is an easy way to achieve delicious, home-cooked meals every time.” — Steph Lee Perry wrote this rave review of Brava in the Real Simple.

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“If you want to be healthier and need some guidance on cooking (maybe you’re bad at cooking like I am) and you just need that extra help… the Brava can do everything, making it dummy-proof for people like me to make incredible meals easily. If you are looking to pick up the Brava, I can without a doubt definitely recommend it.” — Dan Barbera reviews Brava and admits he uses it instead of his conventional oven, stovetop, microwave, and air-fryer! ⁠

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“I’ve been testing the Brava for two months, and while I personally love the tumble and toil of prepping and cooking a meal in the kitchen, sometimes there’s just no time, and that is exactly what Brava was invented for — well, that and people who don’t care to cook at all.⁠

[P]eople who are tight for time, space, or both will find themselves shaving many a minute, if not a few hours, off of their kitchen time throughout the week. And for that very reason, faithful readers, the Brava is among a select cadre of modern wonders worthy of your marveling.” — Business Insider‘s Owen Burke⁠ wrote.

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