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Brava has a 4 1/2 out of 5 star rating from its customers (click “Brava customer reviews” to read them), and sometimes, it helps to know what other vloggers and journalists think too. Here are some of the latest reviews of the Brava, so you can get an even closer look.

“[Brava] is my personal chef, my personal restaurant right here in my home.” — NBC Chicago

“It’s like having a professional chef at home. Except you’re the chef, and Brava is the professional.” — Gear Patrol

“Do you think it’s possible to be in love with a kitchen appliance?” — The Spicy Apron

“The price tag might be high, but what you get in return is priceless: extra time and motivation. Since I’ve had mine, I haven’t turned on my oven or microwave once.” — POPSUGAR

“Not to be completely dramatic or anything, but the Brava oven flat out SAVED us these past few months. We’ve used it every day (multiple times a day) since the moment it landed on our door step.” — Ashley Brooke

“TL;DR — I worship at the Brava altar. You will, too.” — Shape

“It’s better than a toaster oven because it heats up from “zero to 500 degrees in under a second.” — Delish

“Its actual name is “Brava,” but “Super Oven” also feels fitting. Or the Tesla of ovens, as I like to call it. Imagine if the Brave Little Toaster, Easy Bake Oven, and Richard Branson’s spaceship had a baby (in appliance form).” — Beauty & the Beach

“The Brava is the oven of the future for so many reasons.” — Aol.

“The Brava makes preparing and cooking meals quick and easy without compromise.” —

“What did I like about the Brava? Tons of things! If I had to sum it up: It’s quick, it’s easy to use, and it’s very intuitive.” — Mary’s Happy Belly

“The Brava changed how we cook. [It] simplifies cooking every meal.” —Newsweek

“The recipe is… on the Brava app. It’s really easy to use and follow along.” — Alison Scudds

“With more and more people cooking at home during the pandemic and looking for quick and easy solutions to speed up prep and cooking time, Brava saves time and makes cooking restaurant-quality meals as simple as the push of a button.” — JustLuxe

“I have found the ultimate cooking solution.” — NBC Los Angeles

“Brava’s revolutionary Pure Light Oven [is] designed to cook everything from pizza to filet mignon.” — The Quality Edit

“After only having my Brava for a week, I immediately bought one for my mom, because it was that much of a game-changer.” — Adley

“Using new technology and a simple app, this invaluable tool makes cooking feel like a new experience.” — CNN Underscored

“Brava, big ups” — TodayIFeelLike

“Make no mistake about it: This is nothing like a standard toaster or countertop oven.” —

“Compact… efficient… quality…” — KhanFlicks

“I found one game-changing kitchen appliance that has made my life a thousand times easier: the Brava.” — Glamour

“This sleek-looking machine cooks with infrared light and direct heat to sear the outside of foods while holding in moisture (think perfect steak, broccoli and potatoes, all in one tray). Because of this, it cooks food two to four times faster and with four times less energy than traditional cooking methods.” — MyRecipes

“It is absolutely amazing. It looks like a spaceship.” — LexLovesLos

“I really enjoyed using the Brava. There’s a good variety of recipes in the Brava database, including some really tasty deserts. Not only have I made traditional dinners like chicken and sweet potatoes, but I created my own homemade chicken tenders, homemade pizza (an easy starter recipe for Brava newbies) and several kinds of apple turnovers, just to name a few things that have come out of the oven. It was all awesome, and the included trays and pans clean up easily in the dishwasher.” — CNET

“Brava utilizes pure light cooking technology to roast vegetables in half the time, poach eggs with ease, sear steaks without overcooking them, and so much more.” — Real Simple

“Today I’m going to show you one of my most favorite pieces of tech I’ve been using over the past couple of months. And this thing has completely, honestly, actually changed my life.” — @ijustine reviewed the Brava in her latest YouTube video.

Watch the Video: What I Eat in a Day – Brava Oven Review!

“Whether you’re like me and want to improve your cooking skills without lessons or you’ve found yourself cooking at home more due to social distancing, the Brava is an easy way to achieve delicious, home-cooked meals every time.” — Real Simple

“If you want to be healthier and need some guidance on cooking (maybe you’re bad at cooking like I am) and you just need that extra help… the Brava can do everything, making it dummy-proof for people like me to make incredible meals easily. If you are looking to pick up the Brava, I can without a doubt definitely recommend it.” — Dan Barbera 

“[P]eople who are tight for time, space, or both will find themselves shaving many a minute, if not a few hours, off of their kitchen time throughout the week. And for that very reason, faithful readers, the Brava is among a select cadre of modern wonders worthy of your marveling.” — Business Insider

“[Middleby] moved deeper into the consumer space last year with the acquisition of Brava, and will implement that company’s light-based cooking tech into other products.” — The Spoon

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