Introducing Brava Profiles!

To help facilitate community growth, we are launching Brava Profiles! Starting today, anyone with a Brava account will have a Brava Profile that collects all of their Custom Cooks, both created and saved, and shares their Custom Cook collection with the Brava community! (Your default profile will not contain your name or any other identifiers; it’s up to you whether you’d like share them.)

We are excited to take this big step in making it easier and more fun to discover new recipes and to give credit where it is due.

These Profiles are just the first in a series of new community features to look forward to in the coming months.

What are Brava Profiles?

Brava Profiles aggregate your Brava Custom Cook collection in one place so you can share it with the community. When viewing any Custom Cook, you will be able to see who created it and visit their profile to see the person’s complete list of Custom Cooks!

Check out Brava Chef Travis’s Profile!

Setting up your Brava Profile

From the App or, visit your Brava Profile and choose edit. From there, you will be able to add a new display name (all new profiles default to Brava Chef), add a profile picture, and a short bio. Please note that this Profile information will be shared with the Brava user community.

Other Features

In addition to adding Profiles, we’ve also cleaned up the Account Management tools. Everything is still there, it’s just a little more organized.

We hope you enjoy your new Brava Profile! If you have any questions or wish to give us feedback, email Brava’s Customer Success Team at

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