What At-Home Behavior Change Is Outpacing Facebook, Netflix, YouTube, and Twitch?

The global pandemic and local stay-home ordinances have disrupted your regular routines. So how have your daily patterns changed in this “new normal”? Let’s take a look.  

A lot of people are spending more time online. The NYT reports that the COVID-era has “changed the way we internet,” with traffic increases on major social and streaming media sites like Facebook (+27%), Netflix (+16%), YouTube (+15.3%), and Twitch (+19.7%).   

But an even bigger change than more screen time? More home cooking. Brava has seen home cooking increase by over 43%!

We’ve noticed big shake-ups in kitchen routines, so let’s break it down:

  • Lunch has more than doubled! With kids home from school and adults working from home, lunchtime cooking is up 104% from the January and February average. 
  • Dinner has increased. Less dining out and more time in the evening means cooking dinner is up 30%.
  • Breakfast isn’t as early as it used to be. Folks are sleeping in! Without a commute or a pre-office workout waking you up at the crack of dawn, breakfast time has shifted. Cooking between 5-7am is down 34%, while cooking 8-10am is up 45%. 
  • Baking is all the rage. You’ve probably seen sourdough and banana bread take over your social media feeds, and we’ve seen baking up 56%–the largest category increase.

It’s tough to keep up with daily life in the face of the last few months’ disruptions and changes. But whether you’re cooking more than usual because you have to, or because it’s a fun way to spend your time, Brava is your perfect kitchen companion. Happy home-cooking!  

Source: Brava internal data, Similar Web, and Apptopia. For Brava, data is the change in the seven day average number of total cooks for the week including Mar 24th versus the week including Jan 21st. For Facebook, Twitch, Netflix and YouTube, data is the change in the seven day average website traffic for the week including Mar 24th versus the week including Jan 21st.

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