12 Customers Share How Brava Makes Cooking from Home Easier Than Ever

The NYT reports that the COVID-era has “changed the way we internet,” with traffic increases on major social and streaming media sites like Facebook (+27%), Netflix (+16%), YouTube (+15.3%), and Twitch (+19.7%). But an even bigger change than more screen time? More home cooking.

Brava has seen home cooking increase by over 43%! Brava makes meals easier to put together, so you can focus on everything else.

As we all embrace a new reality of being at home, working and cooking all meals from our houses, we wanted to share the uplifting and inspirational ways our customers from Brava Home’s Facebook Community Group are nourishing themselves with Brava during Shelter-in-Place.

“Silver lining to sheltering in place… cooking lessons with the Brava. Tayla, age 9, is thrilled to have made breakfast stratas!” — Melissa

“Love how my Brava makes shelter in place orders bearable!” — Monica

“My Brava has been keeping me from takeout and DoorDash through this whole shelter in place thing. I haven’t ordered delivery since I think 3/15? Love my Brava for so many things!” — Tina

“I know I need a workout 🏋️‍♀️ with quarantine and all and I’m thanking god I didn’t order the dumbells off Amazon. I can just use my chef’s pan!” — Lauren

“Brava is the quintessential quarantine appliance. I couldn’t imagine a household surviving without one…” — Alistar

“Got the Monday quarantine blues. Solution: A Brava brunch of cheddar cheese sourdough toast, poached eggs on buttered toast, bacon and avocado dripping in fresh squeezed lemon.” — Tsin

“My county has gone into shelter in place, and fresh proteins are hard to come by for the moment. I’ve been doing a lot of frozen foods in my Brava. Right about now, really glad I took the plunge. Most used kitchen appliance right now. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Every. Single. Day. Not so bad when you have a Brava!” — Tina

“The Brava is definitely a must. I watched it for almost a year debating and I am so glad that I decided to buy it just as this quarantine started. I can’t imagine the last 6 weeks without it!” — Cindy

“No need in these times to even think about dining out in these times when my Bravas are at my beck and call to whip up a good meal!” — Dave

“I never get to post pictures here because we are always pressed for time and starving… that is why Brava Home is life! So thanks to quarantine I’ve slowed down enough to share my dinner tonight. Rare Ahi Tuna air fried @400 with temp sensor to a perfect 113 degrees along with squash with onions and tomatoes with just salt and pepper and 18 year aged balsamic vinegar. You don’t need extras with premium ingredients and Brava. Simple is better and absolutely delicious.” — Pooja

“I am eternally grateful that I found Brava through [iJustine]. I would not be surviving this quarantine without it.” — Caleb

“I am new (since Valentine Day) and I totally love it. It makes it so simple to make a great meal with less hassle and big wow to simple and quick clean up. Everyone is different and their values and priorities are different. This is a big investment money wise but for me it is a game changer. I might add with the Coronavirus situation, I will NOT be going out to restaurants or fast food. I don’t need to have deliveries. BRAVA makes it really just that simple….and a great meal.” — Marcia

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