What’s New, 06/09/20

This week our recipes are all about versatility. Our chefs are sharing Brava recipes that slow cook, air fry, sear, bake, and more. Whether you’re looking for quick meals or a recipe that cooks low and slow, keep reading for custom cooks, cooking tips, and the latest updates on your Brava and Brava app!

New Custom Cook Recipes: Click the + symbol on these recipes to send them directly to your Brava!

  • Barbacoa (Slow Cook): Barbacoa is a traditional Mexican stewed meat dish that is flavored with chilies and an array of spices. Brava Chef Erin makes Barbacoa using Brava’s new Slow Cook feature in the Brava Chef’s Pan until it’s tender. Serve on it’s own or in tacos, quesadillas, or breakfast burritos!
  • Crispy Stuffed Chicken Breasts: Looking for a way to switch up your weeknight dinner routine? Save this recipe for Crispy Stuffed Chicken Breasts from Brava Chef Travis! Chicken breasts are stuffed with aromatic sun-dried tomatoes, basil, feta and then coated in a crispy bread crumb mixture before cooking on the Brava Metal Tray. They are crispy, juicy, and utterly delicious!
  • Fried Chicken: Brava Chef Andrew Brava-tized fried chicken! Traditionally, frying chicken at home requires a deep fry station with hot oil on the stovetop, a candy thermometer, and additional kitchen equipment. Chef Andrew programmed this recipe to use Brava’s Air Fy function to make it easier and crispier than ever! To make, brine chicken in buttermilk before dredging in a flour mixture and cook on the Brava Metal Tray.

New Blog Posts:

New Videos:

  • Grilled S’mores Sandwich: Watch Chef George make a Grilled S’mores Sandwich on the Brava Metal Tray – no campfire required! Chef George adds Nutella for a decadent treat.
  • How to Break Down Ahi Tuna into Steaks: Did you hear?! Ahi Tuna Steaks are now LIVE on the Brava! To kick off the launch, Brava Chef Travis is showing you how to break Ahi tuna down into steaks. Save Chef Travis’ expert tips, go get some fresh Ahi tuna, and try out Brava’s new recipe program!

Changes: We also sent out another weekly update to everyone’s Bravas. Here are the changes:

Ingredient Changes:

  • Added a “No Browning” option to the Fried Eggs item.
    • Many of you have requested to have Fried Eggs with reduced / no browning on the bottom of the eggs.
    • This new option will allow you to cook the same Fried Eggs, but with no browning.
    • For those who enjoy the current Fried Eggs recipe, you can select the “Classic Fried” option to run the same recipe you are used to.
    • You can find these new options in the Fried Eggs item on the Brava, App and Web.

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