Brava’s August Menu

The Chef’s Pan is key to unlocking Brava’s delectable stews, casseroles, and soup recipes at the press of a button. In fact, we built an entire cooking mode (Slow Cook) specifically for the Chef’s Pan so you can make all of your favorite slow-cooked recipes with ease.

The Chef’s Pan is designed to be large enough to feed 4 to 6. Though if you have a small household, use the Chef’s Pan to meal prep. Brava’s Reheat function gives you oven-quality reheats with microwave speed (minus the microwaves, of course).

This month’s menu celebrates the Chef’s Pan to highlight the breadth and variety of meals you can make with this invaluable cooking accessory.
– Brava Chef Travis

Accessory Needed:


Stellar Sides

Rice for Days


Movie Night


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