What’s New, 09/08/20

This week we’re sharing a recipe lineup that will make you want to skip the takeout. You’ll feel like a chef making Butter Chicken and Cumin Rice but we won’t tell anyone that Brava is doing the heavy lifting! Check back every Tuesday for more new releases.

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  • Butter Chicken: This recipe was inspired by Brava Chef Erin’s friend, who is from New Delhi. Butter Chicken is a popular Indian curry flavored with tomatoes, an array of spices,  and plenty of butter. In this recipe, the chicken is seared on the Brava Metal Tray before adding it to the Chef’s Pan, which resembles a more traditional method of making butter chicken. It is incredibly flavorful and pairs well with Naan and Rice.
  • Cumin Rice (Jeera Rice): At Brava HQ, we refer to Chef Erin as the rice whisperer, so when she set out to create a rice recipe to pair with Butter Chicken, we knew it was going to be delicious. Cumin rice, also known as Jeera Rice, is commonly found in Indian cuisine. It’s a fragrant Basmati rice dish flavored with toasted cumin seeds and ghee, and it comes together at the press of a button in the Brava Chef’s Pan.

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  • Polenta Fries: Chef George Duran uses Brava’s Air Fry cook mode to make polenta fries that are crispy on the outside while staying creamy on the inside. Use store-bought polenta before cooking on the Brava Metal Tray for an easy shortcut!

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