Brava Customer Spotlight: Vietnam Vet Gregory!

Brava wishes to extend our deepest appreciation to vets and active duty alike on this Veteran’s Day.* There is one Vietnam vet in particular we are grateful to spotlight today: Gregory!

About Gregory:

“I am a Vietnam Veteran. I was in the Navy stationed out of Norfolk, Virginia on an Ammunition ship. We delivered Ammo to the other ships in the fleet. I am currently living in Redford, Michigan and retired. I worked for the USPS for 40 years as a mailman.”

How He Discovered Brava:

“I saw a Brava ad on Facebook and kept going back to it because I was awestruck with what I saw. I couldn’t pull the trigger yet — had to save up for this wonderful product. I have always been in the process of becoming a better cook and being by myself I thought this would be a nice item to my cooking lessons.”

How He Uses Brava:

“Since it is only me in my household, I am cooking most of the basic meals in the Brava but am searching all the Custom Cooks for a special meal to try.”

His Favorite Brava Meals:

“My favorite things to cook in the Brava is steak and salmon, but this Thanksgiving, I will be by myself and I am gonna treat myself by cooking a Pork Tenderloin with Roasted Brussels Sprouts — should be wonderful; can’t wait.”

His Greatest Brava Hack:

“My best Brava hack would be the Brava itself. Now I have a Brava, I’m a Chef in disguise, and it’s very pleasing to own a Brava.”

Thank you, Gregory! Your passion for Brava has made the team’s day!

*The DoD or DoN do not endorse any product or service.

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