Why Customer Choose 2 Bravas Over 1

What’s better than 1? 2!

Several hundred Brava owners have two. We posted this question, “Why get a second Brava?” on Brava’s Facebook Community Group, and real customers shared the top reasons they invested in a second Brava:

1. Achieve Even Faster Cooking

Even if you live alone or in a small household, many enjoy the benefits of cooking multiple trays of food at once.

“It is really nice having two! I use them both daily. You will really enjoy having the 2nd one!” — Elliot

“To cook twice as fast” — Joshua

“I cook with two Bravas all the time even though it’s only my husband and I. For instance, for lunch, I made two trays of mushrooms in one Brava, and I reheated leftover steak cooked in Brava in the other.” — Anna

2. Feed a Larger Family

If you have a family larger than 4 people, it’s convenient to get the kids’ dinner cooking in one Brava with the adults’ Combo going in the other.

“So much versatility when a) cooking for more people or b) cooking things that take different times and can’t be done on a single tray or double Decker or c) kids want to eat something different then we’re preparing for the main meal. In all cases, two kind of rocks!” — John

“Only have a family of 4, but 3 of them are tall and my sons are athletic-they need to eat more than 1 oven can make at a time.” — Radina

3. Cook More Ingredients Simultaneously

Maybe you want to cook pizza in one Brava while roasting Brussels Sprouts in another. Some people prefer cooking individual ingredients over Combos. Having 2 Bravas is handy.

“Love having two! There are many times I make meals that cannot be cooked at the same time in the Brava, such as corn on the cob and a steak. This way I can get both done at the same time perfectly.” — Mary

“We have 2. We do because sometimes we cook a bigger meal that won’t fit in 1 and sometimes we are cooking completely different things that wouldn’t cook well together.” — Gina

“Yes, I have the original and a black one. I quite often fix two different things that need totally different methods (can’t use combo setting when making a large dinner). I have recently purchased a red one that I have not gotten out of the box yet.” — Barbara

“One [Brava] does 75% of the work. The frequent use case for the other one is to help out the main meal/protein; the side, the starch or a fun cooking project is going on in the background so it’s occupied. I’ll do Rice, dehydrating, an additional tray of veggies, a piece of toast, etc… in the 2nd Brava.” — Andrew

4. Prep For Get-Togethers

Brava owners enjoy having two to crank out casseroles, Two Tray Cooks, or back-to-back pizza for dinner parties.

“To make more food for get togetherness.” — Tania

5. Outfit a Second Home, Room, or RV

If you have an RV or a vacation home, it can be tough to go back to conventional methods of cooking, which is why some folks opt to buy a Brava for those second locations.

“We have 2 homes, one [Brava] in each.” —Cynthia

“One for my Sprinter van conversion. Absolute gamechanger for vanlife.” — Andrew

“We have two. The one still in the box will be going into the bar area in our basement as soon as it’s finished. When we first got the second one, it was originally going into our second home. Since that’s not happening, we’ll put it to use here.” — Theresa

6. Gift a Loved One

Your parents, your kids, your loved ones will benefit from a Brava to help them eat well – without any effort.

“I have one at my Dad’s house, one in storage for my new place that’s under construction, my brother has one I use when I visit, and all of my best friends use theirs as much as I do. If I house sit for someone, I bring my Brava with me. I can’t live with out obviously.” — Ernie

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