Brava Community Spotlight – February 2021


We’re so excited to kick off a new email and blog series that celebrates all the tasty action in the Brava community. Each month we’ll share tips and tricks from our chefs, curated menus, and popular custom cooks from our community members. Keep an eye out for these monthly spotlights. We hope you enjoy, and happy cooking!
– The Brava culinary team

From the Test Kitchen:

Team Brava is warming up winter with new, flavorful recipes. We’re talking spicy, herby, bold flavors. Plus, Valentine’s Day is almost here, and we love any holiday that’s all about the food! To celebrate, we’re sharing some of our favorite special occasion dishes here. Just pour the wine, press the green button, and let the Brava do the heavy lifting.

Community Spotlight:

“Last night I made the Slow Cooker Beef Stew- it was the best beef stew I have ever had. It will become a regular at my house. Love my Brava” 
-Mary S.
“We just opened the Brava today! First time cooking steak in it and it turned out perfect! It cooked so fast I was like wait what? It is done already…I think we are in love”
-Joy C.H.

Gluten Free Brownies!… I love baking in the Brava pans… never need to prep them and baked goods bake in less time than the recipe calls for!”
-Armida F.

Next Month:

Be on the lookout for plenty of baked goods and the first peek of spring veggies in our March newsletter and blog spotlight.

Join our Community:

Show off all your latest cooks by posting to Brava Home’s Facebook Community or sharing on Brava Home’s Instagram using the hashtag #BravaLife.

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