What’s New, 02/16/21

It doesn’t get simpler or tastier than our new recipes this week. Shrimp Scampi and Classic French Fries are so good you won’t believe they’re not takeout. The best part? Each recipe comes together in 20 minutes or less. Keep reading to get the scoop, and check back every Tuesday for more new releases.

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  • Shrimp Scampi: Shrimp Scampi is a classic Italian-American dish. It’s garlicky, buttery, and Chef Travis created a recipe that comes together in the Brava Chef’s Pan in 20 minutes. Enjoy with crusty bread or pasta.
  • Classic French Fries: These fries from Chef Andrew are crispy on the outside, tender on the inside, and thanks to the Metal Tray –  there’s no deep frying required. Serve with ketchup or any of your favorite dipping sauces.

New Blog Posts:  

  • Brava Community Spotlight – February 2021: Did you hear? We’re so excited to kick off a new email and blog series that celebrates all the tasty action in the Brava community. We’ll share tips and tricks from our chefs, curated menus, and popular custom cooks from our community members.

New Videos:

  • Sheet Pan Pancake: Just when you thought the Brava couldn’t get any better at breakfast, Chef George Duran created this Sheet Pan Pancake recipe. See how Chef George riffs on this quick and fun recipe on the Brava Metal Tray. The hardest part of this recipe is choosing the pancake toppings. Chocolate, fresh berries, and lemon zest are all tasty additions.
  • Kofta Kebabs: What’s Chef George’s secret to dinner party worthy food? This Brava Kofta Kebab recipe. Mix ground beef with spices, form them onto kebabs, arrange on the Metal Tray to cook. Serve with yogurt, lemon wedges, and fresh herbs to pull it all together.

Changes: Every week we send new updates to your Brava. Here are the latest changes:

New Ingredients:

Additional Changes:

  • Added a Whole fish option to the Rockfish, Snapper, and Redfish ingredients.
    • You can now cook whole cuts of these Ingredients.
  • Added a “Time-Based Cook” Option to several Ingredients.
    • Using the “Time-Based Cook” option for Doneness will allow you to cook these items without using the TempSensor:

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