Everything You Need to Know About Brava Air Fry

Yes you can air fry in the Brava. Well… “air” isn’t what’s cooking the food. Pure Light Technology is! Our culinary team developed a Brava Air Fry that simulates your traditional countertop air fryers. You can search for and cook any air fryer recipe, plug in the temperature and time, and let Brava crisp it up to golden-brown perfection.

Before you start using this mode, here are the most important tips for crispity, crunchity success.

What ingredients and/or recipes to use:

  • Use Brava Air Fry for any frozen foods that do not currently have an automated Brava program. For instance, mini frozen corn dog bites. However, items like regular-sized Frozen Corn Dogs do have a program and those will always be faster and more fine-tuned than using the manual mode. 
  • Any air-fryer recipe found online or in a cookbook. Once again, Brava Air Fry has been developed to cook similar to a standard air-fryer.
  • Any Panko and/or flour-dusted ingredients. Avoid any liquid-y batter-coated ingredients like beer-battered fish. However, items like Panko-crusted chicken are a go.

How to load the tray:

  • Start with the Metal or Glass Tray. Metal Tray will conduct more heat and offer more browning. However, Brava Air Fry was designed to be used with the Glass Tray. 
  • Spritz the tray with oil. This will ensure the food will not stick to the bottom of the tray. This is particularly important for the Glass Tray. The Metal Tray has a ceramic, nonstick coating which prevents sticking.
  • Give each food piece some space. Unlike Brava’s recipe programs, you want the food pieces to have some distance on the Glass Tray. Equally space the items out on the tray so the light will hit all the sides of the food. Don’t stack food or else the light can’t reach the exterior of the food.
  • Spritz the top of the food with oil. Since you are simulating “frying,” oil will help caramelize and crisp the exterior.

What to expect in terms of cooking:

  • Brava Air Fry is frying using light. This manual mode is a unique pattern of lamps turning on and off to mimic the heat of a conventional air fryer without the swirling hot air. Since Brava Air Fry is slightly different, some recipes may take a bit longer. 
  • Brava Air Fry is more intense than Bake but less intense than Reheat. 350 degrees in Air Fry is slightly more powerful than cooking at 500 degrees in Brava’s Bake mode.
  • When cooking something for the first time, keep an eye on the progress through the livefeed on the UI or Brava App. Additionally, err on the side of caution and knock down the cooking time a few minutes. Remember, you can always adjust the cook and add more time.
  • More food on the tray will require more cook time. Cooking a few strips of chicken will require less time than if you are cooking the entire tray. However, you can fit more food on the Brava trays than a conventional air-fryer, so adjust your times accordingly.
  • If the food is taller than 1 ½ inches, place the tray on the lower shelf.  The lamps will become exponentially hotter when food is taller than 1 ½ inches. Similar to how Mercury is hotter than Earth because it’s closer to the sun, the same applies for the top shelf and those top lamps. 
  • Flip halfway. You may wish to flip the foods halfway to ensure both sides get equally crispy. Keep in mind, the second half will cook faster than the first half, because the lamps have warmed and warmed the food already.

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