What’s Cooking in the Brava Community: August 2022

Every month we share tips from our test kitchen, and highlight our community, their favorite Brava recipes and hacks. Here’s what’s cooking up in the Brava community this August.

Community Spotlight:

  • In The Kitchen With Armida: You may know her as @armidamix! This incredible recipe developer, Armida Finser, can be followed on Brava too. We sat down with Armida to get the scoop on her background with cooking, as well as her favorite Brava recipes and hacks.

Pizza Hack To Try ASAP:

  • Brava Pizza Hacks: Did you know Brava has a Two Tray mode for Pizza? That’s right! You can cook two ‘zas at the same time. Right this way for more Brava pizza hacks.

The Most Popular Recipes of 2022 (So Far):

  • The Top 10 Recipes From 2022: Every week, Brava releases new recipes — but are you curious which ones this year have been the all-stars? We’re sharing a recap of the top 10 most popular new recipes from 2022 — and what real customers have to say about them.

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