Community Spotlight: In The Kitchen With Archana Mundhe

There’s a lot to love about the Brava community and today we’re excited to highlight another member who inspires us in the kitchen. We sat down with cookbook author, Archana Mundhe. Keep reading for Archana’s favorite Brava recipes, and stick around for her must-have kitchen staples.

Q:  Tell us about yourself! What’s your background with cooking?

A: I am a food blogger, influencer and author of The Essential Indian Instant Pot Cookbook.  I launched Ministry of Curry with the vision of preserving my family’s stories and recipes while making cooking simple and fun for novice and expert cooks alike. And since then, I have been on a mission to develop easy recipes, combining modern techniques and authentic flavors. You will find all of my recipes on my blog – and on my popular social channels  Instagram, Facebook and PInterest.

Q:  What are your favorite Brava recipes or hacks?

A: We love roasted veggies, pizza, and fish cooked in the Brava. I also love to make eggs for breakfast in the egg tray. My favorite brava hack is to use it for reheating foods like pizza, samosa, and pakoras. This way I can cook the food ahead of time and then simply pop in Brava to reheat just before serving it. 

Q: What are your favorite recipes to make in the Brava Chef’s Pan for Fall and Winter?

A: During Fall and winter I love to cook Biryani and curries in the Brava Chefs pan. I love that the taste and textures are just like the traditional stove-top recipes and cleanup is so easy.

Q: What have been your favorite things to cook in the Brava?

A: My favorite thing to cook in Brava is Chicken Biryani! My son also loves making Tandoori Fish in Brava.

Q: When did you realize that Brava was actually working to solve a problem?

A: 3 years ago my teenager son became a pescatarian and my worry was that I would have to cook separately for him. Then he started making fish and veggies in the brava. This has been super helpful for me especially on the days I cook chicken for the rest of us. And now he will also cook in the brava for all of us. I love that he has mastered a few recipes and enjoys cooking in Brava.

Q: What ingredients are always in your kitchen/pantry and how do you use Brava to cook with them?

  • Eggs – Love that you can use the egg tray to make a simple sunny side egg or make a nice masala omelet. 
  • Fish – We love buying frozen wild-caught salmon. It is so easy to cook salmon and the temp sensor helps cook it to perfection
  • Vegetables – Broccoli and Brussels sprouts! Love perfectly roasted veggies 
  • Spices – Having fresh whole and ground spices helps flavor many dishes

Q: How would you describe Brava to a friend?

A: Brava is a great appliance for busy families as well as young adults. I love that it comes with so many pre-programmed recipes and you do not need much cooking experience to make tasty and healthy foods.

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