The Top 4 Hacks For Feeding A Crowd At Your Next Cookout

Summer is here which means cookouts and celebrations galore are here all season long. Feeding a crowd can be overwhelming and it doesn’t have to be – lean on these simple tips from our culinary team to keep entertaining a breeze next time you’re feeding a crowd.

Make Two Trays

Take advantage of the thousands of Brava recipes that use two trays at once. Some crowd pleasing favorites? Two trays of:

Craving more? Find our two-tray recipes right this way – or tap the “Two-Tray Cooks” category on our recipe page.

Make It In The Chef’s Pan

The Brava Chef’s Pan is your friend for feeding a crowd. In fact, we designed it to yield meals to feed 4-6 people! Try one of these recipes at your next get together:

More Chef’s Pan recipes here.

Make It Ahead

When it doubt, make it ahead. Chef Annie’s rule of thumb when hosting is to serve mostly dishes that can be made an advance and maybe one dish that can come together while everyone is over. This allows you to actually spend time with the people you’re hosting instead of fussing around in the kitchen too much. We’re sharing make-ahead dishes below; make them the night before and pop in the fridge. Pull a few hours before serving to serve at room temp, serve cold, or quickly reheat:

Oh, and same rule of thumb goes for desserts. Make these in advance and cover until ready to serve:

Make A Recipe That Scales Up

And last but not least, rather than making individual steaks to order, make a recipe that scales up easily or already yields several servings. We love:

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