Community Spotlight: In The Kitchen With Penelope Lucas

There’s a lot to love about the Brava community and today we’re excited to highlight Penelope (AKA: Pen) Lucas, one of our most active members. You’ve probably seen her daily Breakfast Muffins or Brava Pizza masterpieces! Keep reading to see how Brava changed the game in her kitchen.

Q: Name and location?

A: Penelope Lucas, my husband and I live in a small city in eastern Canada right on the beautiful Bay Of Fundy.

Q: What was your background with cooking before Brava?

A: I have been interested in food pretty much my whole life. As a young child I insisted my mother teach me how to bake, thankfully she was a patient woman so with her expert skills I was baking and entering my baked goods in the Hobby Shows. I won my first ribbon at the age of 7 and my love of food and baking continued from there. So baking has always been my thing. As a teen I was responsible for making meals for the family, my mother worked long days. She gave me a small monthly wage for my efforts, oddly I was the youngest of the three siblings however I was the foodie therefor the best choice for meal preparing, After I married and had a family it was important to me that my family enjoyed the meals they were served and still keeping within the budget.

Q: How has your cooking and lifestyle changed with Brava?

A: Many years after my love for food began the Brava entered my life, for the first few months I used it for meal preparations, I found having the Brava made meals so much more fun and clean up a breeze. I find my meals are more creative with all the amazing cooks programmed into the Brava, some cooks I modify to suit my taste or ingredients I have on hand. Over the last couple of months I find myself being braver as my confidence with the Brava grows and have started using my Brava to bake a number of things I have always baked in my regular oven. I am hoping eventually I will be comfortable doing custom cooks to share with my amazing Brava Facebook community.

Q: Favorite Brava feature, cooking mode, or accessory?

A: There is no doubt anything with eggs is my favorite, I use Brava cooks a lot of the time. I love the reheat feature, I use the egg tray almost everyday. There is nothing better then a poached egg in my world and nothing does it better than my Brava. How could you not love a 5 minute healthy breakfast. I push the Brava cook button and the toaster at the same time, LOVE IT !!! I do use all my accessories. When I purchased my Brava I ordered the full package and I am very glad I did.

Q: How often do you cook with Brava?

A: This is an easy one I use my Brava at least twice a day, often as much as four times, breakfast is always cooked in the Brava.

Q: Favorite Brava recipe?

A: No question it’s the poached egg cook, I have a number of favorites but they all come after my # 1.

I have owned my Brava for just over 6 months, over the years I have purchased a number of kitchen appliances some I have really liked others not so much. When it comes to my Brava it is truly a LOVE situation I can not imagine life without a Brava. I urge those that are thinking about purchasing one do yourself a favour and do it, for the people who are lucky enough to own one but not using it as much as they feel they should, please push yourself a little harder to take full advantage off all the features this amazing machine has to offer, yes there is a learning curve, what I did at first was moved the bar back a little on the cooks then touched up as needed this way I did not ruin any food, each cook was fine. I expect anyone that has taken the time to read my interview has come away with the knowledge that I LOVE MY BRAVA !!!!!

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