The Story Behind the Scallops, Our Latest Recipe Innovation

“Has anyone done scallops in the Brava?” I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen this request in Brava Home’s Facebook Community. In fact, scallops are the most-requested recipe program since we shipped the first Bravas in November 2018. Now, the wait is over. Brava has launched a Multi-Step Recipe program for Scallops!

Why did it take so long? Until recently, all Brava recipe programs involved loading the tray, closing the door, and pressing the green button. However, not all foods (like scallops) perform well under these conditions. We completed round after round of testing trying to make scallops work with this technique, but we were never happy with the results. The scallops never got a caramelized top sear because they are white, which reflects the light from Brava’s lamps. 

However, Brava has since developed Multi-Step Recipe programs. These recipes require some interaction during the cook like stirring, flipping, or adding ingredients. This exciting update has allowed us to cook items we weren’t able to before — like Ribeye Steak, Beef Hamburgers, and Scallops.

For this recipe program, the scallops are seared from the bottom for the first half of the cook. Brava will then notify you that the cook has paused and it’s time to flip the scallops before finishing the cook program. Here are a few additional tips for making restaurant-quality scallops at home in your Brava:

  1. Start with fresh scallops. Frozen and thawed scallops will have too much moisture to sear with this recipe program.
  2. Pat the fresh scallops dry with paper towels.
  3. Remove the adductor muscle with your fingers. This is the little rectangular muscle on the side of each scallop.
  4. Season both sides with salt just before cooking. Salting in advance impedes perfect searing because salt draws moisture from foods. 
  5. Butter or oil the metal tray. Seafoods require some fat on the tray to prevent sticking (not to mention the fact that that butter tastes good). 
  6. Use large scallops (U-10 or U-12, meaning “under 10” or “under 12” per pound).
  7. Cook up to 10 large scallops at a time in Zones 1 and 2. Do not try to cook 3 Zones of scallops at the same time or they will overcook before achieving a proper sear. 
  8. Keep it simple. You can get fancy if you want, but a simple squeeze of lemon is usually all you need for a perfect meal. 

Time to head over to your local fishmonger and ask them for the best scallops they can get. Brava will take care of the rest. 

Happy cooking! 

Chef Travis 

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