Brava’s 3 Essential Spice Rubs for Proteins and More

This week is all about spice. In lieu of the usual Tuesday update, today we’re sharing three of our go-to rubs to spice up chicken, steak, and salmon.

Here are links to each of the recipes:

Seasoning with spice rubs allows you to easily customize proteins and vegetables. I like to have at least two different rubs near my Brava at all times for meat, seafood, potatoes, and other veggies. We designed these basic spice rubs to make about ⅓  cup of seasoning each, but you can double or triple them if you want to make more to store in your pantry. 

Below are a few tips for making the most of these spice rubs:

  • Use these on any protein you like. Yes, they were designed to pair best with specific proteins, but there are no hard and fast rules here. The salmon rub will work on chicken. The chicken rub will work on salmon, etc. 
  • Try seasoning chicken 12-24 hours in advance. This is a technique called “dry-brining.” You’ll be amazed at how much flavor penetrates the chicken when you season one day in advance. 
  • Season steaks and salmon right before cooking. Dry-brining is great for chicken and pork but unnecessary for seafood and beef. 
  • Use spice rubs instead of salt. All of the spice rub recipes have some salt, so you probably don’t need to add extra salt if you use one of our rubs. 
  • Homemade spice rubs make thoughtful gifts! Make a big batch and store them in sealed mason jars for your friends and family. 
  • Store them in a cool, dark place in an airtight container. Light and air will quickly erode the aromatic compounds that make fresh spices so fragrant and delicious.
  • Use them within a year for the freshest flavor. After one year, spices begin to lose flavor and aroma. 

I can’t wait to see all of the beautiful, delicious dishes y’all are going to make with these rubs. Please make sure to share your stories and photos in the Brava Home Community on Facebook

Happy cooking!

Chef Travis

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