34 Real Customers Share Why They Are Happy With Their Brava Purchase

Brava’s Facebook Community mostly consists of Brava owners, though a few curious folks have joined the community to ask real customers for their honest feedback. Questions like “What doesn’t the Brava do?” and “Is Brava worth the price tag?” are posed and receive dozens of responses. A few weeks ago, Lisa asked the group why they are happy with their Brava purchase. 34 customers answered, and their top reasons have to do with the speed, precision, and ease that Brava delivers. Take a look at their responses below.


“If you enjoy cooking and like really flavorful food prepared amazingly fast, like the majority of us here, you will love your Brava!” — Elliot

“Cooks everything faster, doesn’t heat up my whole kitchen, no warm up time, reheats leftovers to “first night” perfection and texture, it looks sleek on my countertop, easier to clean than standard oven, uses less electricity, makes my favorite roasted broccoli in about 7 minutes. What else could you ask for?” — Chrissy

“Roast Brussels sprouts. Roast broccoli. The ability to roast a sweet potato quickly but better tasting than a microwaved version.” — Stephanie

“Gives me no excuses not to have a quick and healthy meal.. especially breakfast! I can throw things together, put in the oven, and walk away. Veggies are roasted to perfection quickly! It also makes a great homemade pizza! I just got mine a few weeks ago so I’m still exploring but so far it’s wonderful.” — Natassia


“Really helps me with cooking regular food. I’ve since cancelled my Sunbasket account since it’s so easy to cook good food quickly. Be sure to go through the Customer Success onboarding and watch as many of the videos on their Youtube channel to get familiar with the oven. I’ve been very happy with mine.” — Rick

“Cooks steaks to perfection!” — Kim

“Perfect poached eggs every morning. They’re the only eggs my 4year old likes. It’s easy to use, doesn’t heat up the whole kitchen. I have a custom cook for the mega nuggets that take 1/2 hour in the oven that only take 8 minutes in the Brava. Really good grilled cheese. My husband cooks most nights in it, he makes great steaks, tonight he made baked potatoes and and broccolini and finished off sous vide ribs. It seriously gets used at least twice a day.” — Jillian

“I eat vegetables. And I hate cooked vegetables.” — Theresa

“Pizza pizza pizza.” — Anna

“I cracked four eggs into the egg pan, hit easy egg setting, and walked away.” — Marichele

“Pizza, chicken and veggies are the best. And breakfast sandwiches.” — Heather

“7 minute bacon!” — Travis


“No need to use any other oven, cooktop, microwave, nor grill since we purchased the BRAVA oven. Thanks to BRAVA, we are now far superior chefs compared to any of the local, award-winning chefs! Why would we go out for an expensive dinner with poor service and no view when we can quickly and easily cook in our BRAVA and then have dinner on our beautiful Lanai while watching the sunset?!” — Lauren

 “Not far into it yet, but love everything about it.” — Claudia

“Haven’t used my regular stove for anything but extra worktop space since I got mine 3 months ago.” — Erin

“It’s the best for cooking portions for two people or four. I’ve always cooked for a large family but struggled cooking smaller portions.” — Daisy

“We use it everyday. Once you get it you’ll know. I don’t use our cooking pans and microwave as much anymore.” — Oskar

“Reheating leftovers, crisping things, not having to monitor food as it’s cooking, easy cleanup, moist chicken breast, I could go on.” – Ana

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