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If you’re meal prepping or planning out your groceries for the week, read this first! This week we’re sharing highly requested breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert recipes.  Keep reading for custom cooks, cooking tips, and the latest updates on your Brava and Brava app.

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  • Breakfast Burritos: We’ve never met a Breakfast Burrito we didn’t like! They’re fast, riffable, and often make use of leftovers. To make, roast potatoes with our Brava Chicken Rub on the Brava Metal Tray. Once the potatoes are roasted, fold leftover cooked meat or bacon into eggs in the Brava Square Pan for a quick scramble. Combine eggs and potatoes and wrap up in a warmed tortilla. Brava Chef Erin swaps in cooked tofu or beans in place of meat to make this vegetarian! Serve with your favorite hot sauce or salsa.
  • Cornflake and Honey Crusted Chicken Tenders:  Chicken Tenders are famously kid-friendly. Give them an easy upgrade with Chef George Duran’s Cornflake and Honey Crusted Chicken Tenders recipe! They are simple, crunchy, and satisfying for the whole family. To make, coat chicken tenders in a cornflake dredge mixture before baking on the Brava Metal Tray.
  • Almond Chocolate Chunk Biscotti: Brava Chef Erin makes Almond Chocolate Chunk Biscotti to enjoy with coffee, tea, or when that sweet tooth strikes. The dough is studded with chocolate chunks and almonds before baking on the Brava Metal Tray. Biscotti are baked twice: first as a whole log, then they are sliced and cooked a second time to give them their signature light and crispy texture.

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  • Brava Bacon: Every week, one of the Brava chefs goes live on Facebook to do a tutorial on a unique Brava feature or recipe. In our most recent episode of this series, Brava Chef Andrew did a deep dive all about Brava Bacon! Watch the replay for all of Chef Andrew’s expert tips, and tune in Wednesday at 2pm PT for the next episode.
  • SconesFor his most recent episode of Breakfast with Brava, Chef Travis made scones two ways – one batch with chocolate chunks, and one batch with fresh peach and almond. Fold your favorite sweet spices or seasonal fruit into the scone dough before baking on the Brava Metal Tray. For more episodes, tune in Fridays at 2pm PST on the Brava Home Facebook Page.
  • Pizza Roll:  Craving pizza? Watch Chef George Duran’s most recent Facebook Live to learn how to make a Brava Pizza Roll! Since Brava’s lamps can reach over 500*F in less than a second, there’s no need to preheat and the entire recipe is done in 15 minutes. That’s faster than ordering delivery! For more videos like this, be sure to watch Chef George Duran LIVE on Facebook, Mondays @ 1pm PT.

Changes: We also sent out another weekly update to everyone’s Bravas. Here are the changes:

Back in Stock:

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Enjoy an epic assortment of pasture-raised beef, pork and lamb from craft butcher, Porter Road. This custom box features enough protein for 28 delicious meals, hand-selected by Porter Road, and tested by Brava chefs.

Porter Road steaks and chops always ship fresh, sausage and bacon always ship frozen.

New Ingredients:

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