Father’s Day Spotlight: Michael Sullivan

For Father’s Day this year, Brava is highlighting various fathers within our Brava community. Our latest spotlight is Michael Sullivan, who filmed the Brava Getting Started video and photographed the image you see above!

  • Where do you live? I live in the mission district in San Francisco, CA with my wife and 3 year old.
  • How many kids do you have? I have one incredible kiddo.
  • What is your occupation? I am a commercial photographer, video maker, and producer.
  • Favorite thing to cook in the Brava? My favorite thing to cook in the Brava is without a doubt the Spatchcock Chicken. I am absolutely blown away with how juicy it is while having perfectly crispy skin. My daughter can be picky about meat, and she absolutely loves it too. I cannot say enough good things about it. The Strip Steak was a close second.
  • How often does your family cook with Brava? My wife and I both work full time so the speed that we can cook with the Brava is a total game changer. In the mornings, my daughter has eggs, oats, banana, and blueberries that are blended together and baked in the Mini Pancake Muffin setting. My wife and I typically do Fried Eggs and Toast each morning (9 mins and no babysitting a pan). It’s fast and ALWAYS perfect. Evenings are always an adventure and we are pretty much trying different recipes every night.
  • Kids favorite food thing to eat from the Brava? My kiddo loves the Chicken Nuggets (they cook in a fraction of the time in the Brava vs the oven and are so much better) and we do Sweet Potato Fries for her that she loves as well.
  • How has Brava helped you be a better father? I don’t know that Brava has helped me be a better father, but I do get more time to be with my family. Clean up is lightning fast; you put meat in cold; I don’t need to preheat the oven for many things, and it cooks super fast. These things together allow me more time, and that is everything. BTW the food comes out incredible!

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