Father’s Day Spotlight: Jay Hector

For Father’s Day this year, Brava is highlighting various fathers within our Brava community. Our latest spotlight is actor and investor Jay Hector, who frequently gives us kitchen envy with his IG stories. Get to know him below!

  • Where do you live? Ok… So, we live in Midtown Tulsa in a nice new custom designed home 🙂 which isn’t quite California, but we are able to get back to that home when we want/time allows.
  • How many kids do you have? I have one gorgeous little 9 month old on June 13th. Currently 8 months and 2.5 weeks. (Who’s counting).
  • What is your occupation? I am an actor and investor.
  • Favorite thing to cook in the Brava? My favorite thing to cook in Brava is a Glazed Salmon and Balsamic Brussels dish.
  • How often does your family cook with Brava? We use the Brava regularly; sometimes for real dinner and sometimes for sides… But I’d say we use it daily.  (Cookies are a frequent baked special in this house).
  • Kids favorite food thing to eat from the Brava? Lola’s favorite dish from the Brava [is] roasted Sweet Potato.
  • How has Brava helped you be a better father? I would say the coolest feature about the Brava and how it makes me a better human is the ease it brings to cooking. Ultimately, you can have your dinner cooked at the touch of a button with limited input necessary; knowing that the oven will take care of the rest; which in turn gives me the optimum amount of time to spend with my family. I’m not sure if that makes me a better father; or lazier – but it definitely helps with time and that is a pretty unquantifiable luxury.

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